Record sales tax

To record sales tax:

  1. Start by selecting an invoice. Create a new invoice if you do not have an invoice.
  2. As seen in the screenshot below, the invoice has a line with a heading of "Tax". Inside the brackets, you can type in the tax rate for your region. For this invoice, we have set the tax rate to be 10%. Injoice will calculate the tax payable as a percentage of the subtotal. The total amount payable is then the subtotal amount added to the tax amount.
    Screenshot showing where sales tax is recorded.

You might sell products which are tax exempt. Injoice supports marking individual line items as being tax exempt. To mark a line item as being tax exempt:

  1. Find the line item that needs to be tax exempt. Immediately to the right of the item's cost, you should see a group of buttons. An example line item is shown below.
    Screenshot of a line item
  2. Click on the first button. The button should now be highlighted, as displayed below.
    Screenshot of a line item which is tax exempt
  3. The line item will now be ineligible for taxation.

To set a default tax rate for new invoices:

  1. On the application menu bar, select Injoice > Preferences.
  2. There is an input box where you can set the default tax rate. Leave it blank if you don't want to set a default value.
  3. Your preferences are automatically saved.