Print an invoice to paper and PDF

To print the invoice to PDF, you can click on the "Save PDF" button on the toolbar.

To print an invoice, you:

  1. Select the invoice you want to print.
  2. Click the "Print" button on the toolbar or press ⌘P.
  3. The print dialog will allow you to choose a printer for printing to paper or saving the invoice as a PDF document.

Printed invoices will hide irrelevant details. This includes:

  • The add and remove controls.
  • If the tax rate is 0%, the total tax line is hidden. The notice about tax exempt items is hidden as well.
  • If an item section has no items, it is hidden. eg. if you don't add any service items, then the service section is not printed.
  • If you don't add any notes to the invoice, the notes section is hidden.
  • If you don't add a logo to the invoice, the placholder is hidden.

Download a sample PDF invoice.