Invoicing the same customer

If you need to invoice the same customers, Injoice provides you with the capability to manage a list of your frequent customers. You can then create invoices with their details already filled out. To create or view the list of your frequent customers:

  1. Open the "Customers" window by going to the application menu bar: Window > Customers. Alternatively, you can press Shift-Command-2.
  2. You should see the "Customers" window, as shown below. Screenshot showing customers list
  3. Add a new customer by clicking on the plus button at the bottom left corner of the window. Edit the customer's details on the right half of the window. New invoices created for the customer will use the concatenation of the customer's name and details as the customer's information.
  4. Close the customers window when you are done.
  5. To create a new invoice for a particular customer, click on the "New" toolbar button's downwards pointing arrow. A menu appears, as shown below.
    Screenshot showing new invoice button with customers menu list
  6. Click on the menu item representing the customer you want to invoice and a new invoice with the selected customer's details will be created.