Sunsetting Injoice

Injoice was an invoicing application for the Mac sold through the Mac App Store. The first version was published in December 2011.

After reviewing the product in the context of a paid app, I have decided to end sales of Injoice. The main reason for ending sales was that I did not have the time to devote towards maintaining and developing the app. The last update was published at the end of October 2015. There was a roadmap to refresh the product, but I did not consistently have the time to finish the work necessary to enable Injoice to develop into a better app.

The app is still mostly working on Sierra and High Sierra. I am however aware that there are occasional crashes, which I have been unable to fix. Without diving too much into the technical details, the crashes are coming from deep within the legacy Cocoa WebView component. To the best of my knowledge, the newer WKWebView component does not do all the things I require to implement Injoice's functionality. I believe that fundamental issues like these need to be addressed for the product to have a future.

If you have purchased Injoice, you will be able to reinstall a copy from the Mac App Store during a limited period of time. This period ends July 25, 2018.

I would like to thank all customers who chose to use Injoice for their business. I hope that the product has served you well.

Thank you and best wishes.